The classrooms at ABBNOOR do not just create an atmosphere that is conducive to learning but in a sense nurture the quest for knowledge that the students possess. All classrooms are equipped with all modern teaching aids. These include electronic media such as multimedia notebooks, LCD & projectors etc.

Computer Lab

The computer lab has more than hundred computers with latest software and hardware. The computer lab is centrally air conditioned. All the systems in all the labs are inter-connected through high speed LAN with manageable & unmanageable switches & hubs. The Internet lab in computer centre facilitates students and the faculty of the college to avail access to the Internet, enabling them to stay abreast with the latest new technological developments in the world.


The AIIT has library in its modern collection of knowledge resources and innovative information services fills an essential role for students and faculty in their intellectual pursuits. It is a hybrid library with the state-of-the-art technological applications. The Library holds knowledge resources predominantly related to Engineering, Management, allied subjects. The entire Library collection including the CD-ROM databases and the online databases are made available through Institute’s network. Users can access the online databases and also find out the real-time availability of library materials from their own computer terminals. The Library offers a range of information services to support the learning process set to the highest professional standards.

The College Library has a rich collection of text and reference books, journals, magazines etc. in all areas of study in all disciplines.

All students and teachers who join the college automatically become members of the Library.

The library holds a very rich collection of relevant periodicals, magazines and newspapers.

For the convenience of staff and students the libraries have Xerox machines to offer Xerox facility.

Seminar Halls

Seminar Halls are one of the major assets of an institution. AIIT has made

Every effort in creating Seminar Halls that is fully equipped in every aspect. Seminar Hall is fully equipped with:-

  • Adequate Lighting Arrangements
  • Proper Presentation Screen
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Wireless Presentation Devices